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I am a trained Actor holding a Master's degree from Sorbonne Paris III Theater. I have worked in cinema for the past 12 years performing in films, tv shows, and theatre. My work has been screened at Cannes Film Festival and shown at other international venues. 


I speak fluently in three languages: Polish, French, and English; 

and currently live in Europe and work between UK, France, and Poland.


I also have experience as a film jury (Festival de St.Maur, France) and as a presenter (min. Polish Film Festival in Los Angeles, USA, LEIFF, London).

I finished acting school « Le Velo vole » - Francois Ha Van, Cours - Theater Stanislavsky method with Francois Clavier, Cours from body to soul with Nirupama Nityanandan, L’atelier- theater with Monique Staelens, Shakespeare Acting, Studio Pygmalion, Stephane Gildas acting classes, Bob MacAndrew acting classes, and voice classes with Pierre Derycke. I love to learn!


Always ready to get on board with a new project! 

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